Indus­tri­al Rental Scales from 0,06 g to 6 tons for hire

Industrial Scale Rental
Indus­tri­al Scale Rental for Germa­ny, Austria and EU

Express scale rental for emergen­ci­es
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Hire robust as well as precise indus­tri­al weighing scales in German quali­ty from us across the EU / Europe, e.g. for stock­ta­king or for emergen­ci­es if a scale breaks down.

We are a leading indus­tri­al scale rental / hire compa­ny based in the middle of Germa­ny as well as Europe (Frank­furt area). Hiring our weighing scales for rent rather than purcha­sing them is an cost effec­ti­ve alter­na­ti­ve for compa­nies, who may requi­re the use one only a few times a year, e. g. for stock taking or during (seaso­nal) produc­tion peaks. We offer balan­ces with a wide weight range from 0,06 g to 6 tons. Of cause with our weight scales for renting you can beside effec­ti­ve counting also simply measu­re precise­ly weight in mg, g, kg or t.

We offer four types of scales:

  • Counting scales
  • Counting weighing systems
  • Platform scales
  • Pallet scales / floor scales

We are not just the typical “scale rental near me”, but we can deliver our counting scales very fast across Europe

We are not just the average “scale rental near me”, but we rent our scales inter­na­tio­nal­ly: We supply our rental scales to Germa­ny, Austria and across the EU.

Has one of your scales broken down on short notice? Or have you just reali­sed that you are still missing counting scales for tomorrow’s stocktaking?

Express scale rental for emergencies
Express scale rental for emergen­ci­es across the EU just like the “scale rental near me”

We have the right soluti­on for you: We offer express scale rental to all EU countries with express delivery normal­ly within 24 hours of reser­va­ti­on (for reser­va­tions until 12 o’clock and only for working days).

Request form for renting counting scales

e.g. calibra­ti­on
For what do you want to use the rental scales?
Gewähl­ter Wert: 0
Reada­bi­li­ty: 0.001 g, smallest part weight: 0.05 g, consis­ting of reference scale 300 g and platform scale 15 kg
Gewähl­ter Wert: 0
Reada­bi­li­ty: 0.01 g, smallest part weight: 0.5 g, with battery
Gewähl­ter Wert: 0
Reada­bi­li­ty: 0.1 g, smallest part weight: 1 g, with battery
Gewähl­ter Wert: 0
Reada­bi­li­ty: 0.2 g, smallest part weight: 2.5 g, with battery
Gewähl­ter Wert: 0
Reada­bi­li­ty: 0.5 g, smallest part weight: 5 g, with battery
Gewähl­ter Wert: 0
Reada­bi­li­ty: 0.5 g to 30 kg / 1 g to 60 kg, smallest part weight: 10, dual range scale
Gewähl­ter Wert: 0
Reada­bi­li­ty: 2 g to 150 kg / 5 g to 300 kg, smallest part weight: 50 g, dual range scale
Gewähl­ter Wert: 0
Reada­bi­li­ty: 200 g
Gewähl­ter Wert: 0
Reada­bi­li­ty: 500 g
Gewähl­ter Wert: 0
Reada­bi­li­ty: 1 kg
Gewähl­ter Wert: 0
Reada­bi­li­ty: 2 kg

Weighing equip­ment as well as counting scale for rent: Why should you rent from us?

Becau­se our scales are precise, flexi­ble, cost-effec­ti­ve and easy to use!

  • Precise counting scales rental in indus­tri­al quali­ty exclu­si­ve­ly from KERN & SOHN, Germa­ny, founded in 1844
  • Scales with simple and uniform operation
  • No mainten­an­ce, storage and capital commit­ment costs
  • To cover peaks / seaso­nal fluctuations
  • Simple handling
  • Flexi­ble rental period, also possi­ble for longer periods
  • Dispatch of only tested equipment
  • Fast repla­ce­ment service in case of emergen­cy when a criti­cal scale is broken or being repaired

We offer the following indus­tri­al scales for hire:

Why should you choose our weighing scales for rent?

Standa­ri­zed indus­tri­al balan­ces resul­ting in fewer counting and weighing errors during inven­to­ry taking due to simple and uniform opera­ti­on / function

Accura­te counting scales are an important inven­to­ry aid in accurate­ly and correct­ly counting inven­to­ry assets. Fewer opera­ting errors and greater measu­re­ment accura­cy through high-precisi­on counting scales mean more accura­te physi­cal / physi­cal inven­to­ry counts. There­fo­re, use our precise scales for rent with a uniform opera­ting concept only from one German manufac­tu­rer (family-owned KERN & SOHN founded in 1844) to reduce the risk of opera­ting errors. More accura­te record­ing of actual stock levels also avoids costly unplan­ned produc­tion downti­me due to missing parts. As a result, delivery relia­bi­li­ty, custo­mer satis­fac­tion and ultimate­ly a company’s sales increase.

Due to our central geogra­phic locati­on we able to supply scales for renting across Europe in short time:

Rent indus­tri­al / counting / weighing / pallet scales in the following countries: Austria, Belgi­um, Bulga­ria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germa­ny, Greece, Hunga­ry, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithua­nia, Luxem­bourg, Malta, Nether­lands, Poland, Portu­gal, Romania, Slova­kia, Slove­nia, Spain and Sweden.

Own adver­ti­se­ment:
Express Indus­tri­al Parts Delivery for Emergencies